Lost content of HDD.

Hi! I'm new here!

Well, I want to know why has my harddisks lost the info.

I had on my computer 4 HDD (all 4 with SATA).
SATA0 and SATA1 with RAID0. Those works fine.

In SATA3 i have my data (music, files, photos...), and in SATA4 have I a copy of my data created with a very simple software.

The SATA3 and 4 has lost his partitions at the same time, and now appears as a large unformatted FAT32 with 232GB.
Now I'm trying to get my data back.

So, the question is to know what has failed.... what do you think?

SOrry for my bad english.. and thanks!
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  1. no real clue what happened but try Partition Commander or Partition Wizard to recover the partitions.

    do not re-partition or format before trying to recover the partitions.

    then backup the data somewhere safe.
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