Graphics Card Updgrade ?

Yes, I know there are a million of these...

But, I'm looking to do a new build. I've got most of my components picked out, but I'm kind of kicking myself around on the Video Card question. I currently own own a 9600 gt MSI card, & could go for a SLI setup. But, I'm also thinking about getting a GTX260.

So my basic question is, separate from the rather large price difference, which do any of you think I should go with? I have tried to find a comparison between this type of of setup (SLI 9600 gt & GTX 260) but have been unsuccessful in finding a good comparison. I wasn't looking for an exact comparison between these two cards, but something comparable.

My use is going to be general gaming (Crysis is the high end game I play right now) & having fun doing odds & ends projects. Below you will see the two cards I am considering (I already own 1 9600).

GTX 260

9600 GT

Advice is welcome.
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  1. Well both links are for the 9600 but that aside the 2 9600's in SLI will give a good performance level when it works right and thats the whole rub of it really.
    Things are better these days with more games supporting SLI/Crossfire but there are games that dont and thats when you will wish you had the single card.
    Crysis didnt suport dual cards on release.
    I dont know which would give the best performance but as you can probably tell im not a great fan of dual card set ups.

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