GTX 295 - does not work... help!

Hello All,

I need some help; I just put my PC together and everything seems to be working fine - with the exception of the video card. I have the following system:

Asus p6T Deluxe
Intel i7 940
Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 295
Velociraptor 300GB
G.Skill 6GB GDDR3
Corsair 850W PSU
Antec Nine Hundred Two

All lights turn on and seem to work perfectly including mouse, keyboard, etc.; with the exception of the GTX 295. Just a red light on the near outer case. Don't know what to do. I tried changing the PCI-E it is connected to and still, same issue. Picture (Sorry camera phone):

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank You!
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  1. its red thats bad, lack of power both 8 pins connected? it is 2x 8 pins right?
  2. no its not i get this sometimes through over heating i know its not the power as i have a perfectly working thermaltake tough power 1500 watss ............ so i have no power troubles =p it could be power if you aint enough but as long as you aint got too many hdd's n stuff 850w should be fine i would take it back if i were you mate.......
  3. oh n no its a 6 n 8 pin =p
  4. Make sure that nothing is broken off around the power connectors since I once had that happened which disabled my 7900GTX duo (GX2 GTX). If every thing looks good and the problem continues, RMA and wait a week for a replacement.
  5. its the card,dry soldier joints,i have one gone,boots up ok as soon as it goes under load,shuts down,red light,fan still running,i have a 1000w psu,changed the card with another 295,every thing all ok,first thoughts psu,so tried changing leads,still red light,best bet rma the card
  6. another idea,try another power supply,before you rma the card
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