Could someone give me step by step instructions on how to Overclock my Intel Celeron E3200 on a GigaByte GA-EP41-UD3L M/Board 3x 1GB Crucial Ballistix DDR2 RAM. I only want to push to 3.02Ghz i have tried with the features of the board but no luck just fails to boot and resets the cmos to default i have read they can go to 4 and above i only have air cooled system and 3.02 will be enough for what i do anty help would be great thnx
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  1. 1 - your using a basic entry level motherboard and chipset
    2 - 3x1gb = no dual channel, sounds like your using a 32-bit OS too..
    3 - celerons at whatever clockspeed are still going to perform like celerons
    4 - never expect your rig to overclock or gain anything - some samples will overclock like crazy, others like lemons (my old P4 2.6 made 2.83ghz tops)

    read the overclocking sticky guides on the forums here and google is your friend, learn how the FSB and multipliers work first
  2. thanks the board has a BIOs feature that is suppesed to help to overclock (MB Inteligent Tweeker MIT which is has a few functions that allow clock ratio multiplyer, CPU clock host control, frequency host will have a look through the forums and google thnx for the help man appreciate it
  3. Just a word of caution you are going to hit a wall before you hit 4ghz and any thing above. 3.4ghz+ should be the expected area before your cpu maxes out and as Zip said you need after market cooling even if the cpu seams cool as it is. When you are overclocking near the limit of any sample you usually end up trying to combat heat while keeping the temps low. Want better results try to keep the load temps less than 60c when you hit that wall. Keep the voltage below 1.4v unless it is a kamikaze run.
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