HD 4830 trouble

Ok guys i need help, with a setup for a friend, he lives in Honduras central america so RMA has got to be the LAST SOLUTION... ok here the thing he had E2220 in a intel DG33BUC, with a gig of ram, so i told him to upgrade, to a E8400 4 Gigs o GSKILL pi black and a HD4830, the thing is he decided to stay with the intel motherboard for a while, which is a crappy office MoBo, the card itself dosent power up when you turn the computer the fan doesn't spin and a red led goes on i sent him a 500 watt PC power and cooling and it still doesn't start ive used that PSU so i know its fine, when he uses his old 6600 its works well, also tested a 8400 GS and also worked, he gets one red led and the fan doesn't start... hmm and there simply no way to test the card its hard to find a pc that can actually handle a high end card in honduras at least he doesn't now anyone with a pci e slot besides himself... i would usually just RMA but RMA for him would mean paying the equivalent a 260GTX so its a last option, if you've seen something like this please help for a poor gamer in the third world :pt1cable:
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  1. ok solved dont worry in ansering anymore thanx
  2. i face the same problem, may i know how u actually solve it? mine is xfx hd 4830. thank you, i really apreciate if u can help. thanks
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