To partition or not to partition?

Hey guys, just got a 1TB samsung F3 to add to my older 500GB Western Digital sata drive. Just wondering what you think would be my best option.

At the moment I'm thinking ill make a 120ishGB partition on the new, faster 1TB for windows and games/programs, leaving the 500GB and the rest of the 1TB for storage space (music, videos and documents). This way Windows and programs are running on the faster drive (faster boot times) and once the computer slows down again i can easily format the windows partition without backing up my other stuff.

Does that make sense? Or do you think i should just leave windows on the older 500GB and start using the 1TB as a big storage drive unpartitioned?

What do you think?
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  1. Sounds like a good idea to me. Just be sure to keep a decent back up drive around, i.e. an external just in case either of the drives give out.
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