New 30 inch monitor lags, please help

Hi everyone,

I just got a Samsung 305T mainly for editing photos. First thing I did after I set it up was to of course launch Photoshop and test drive it. I currently use Photoshop CS4 which has the new feature of OpenGL acceleration, and to my understanding this means that if I have an OpenGL compatible graphic card I would be rendering the images and even the UI with my graphic card. Anyways, long story short, its kinda slow. I'm opening up hi-res images and editing them, and there is a delayed reaction to everything I'm doing. I don't know if this is because of my graphic card that can't handle the 2560x1920 resolution or not enough ram ( I currently have 2gb ram). My logic tells me it can't be ram, since I worked on these images before just on a smaller monitor at a lower resolution and it was very smooth. I don't think it can be my hardrive cause once again, I worked on these images before with the same hardrive (OS hardrive and Photoshop Scratch disk is on a 74gb WD Raptor). My graphic card is an Nvidia Geforce 7950GT. Any ideas what could be the bottleneck here?


I'd like to add that I just disabled a feature in Photoshop CS4 called "Force Bilinear Interpolation" , There was an immediate improvement in performance. At this point I don't want to sound picky, but if I drag an image its pretty smooth, zoom in and out is smooth as well. Taking a brush and drawing all over the canvas and it seems like the line you're drawing is chasing your cursor rather than being drawn by your cursor.
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  1. Ok, I know I said that I disabled that Bilinear feature in photoshop and everything was better. But not perfect. I still get some issues trying to redraw an image. If I would pan a high resolution image on the screen it would kinda draw the image in "blocks" one at a time. What could be the bottleneck here? graphic card? ram? cpu?
    any suggestion is more than welcome.
  2. I would say first thing to do would be to get your settings EXACTLY the same as how you had them with your old display, same resolution etc.

    If the performance is smooth again, I would say the card and/or the RAM just simply cant handle the higher res.

    If you ever have done image scans you will know that at 400 dpi vs 2000 dpi theres a big file size difference.

    Same principles relate to big res images trying to fit in ram I guess.
  3. I did as you suggested. I opened several heavy files in photoshop to put some stress on ram... anyways, panning images, zooming in and out was very smooth, even with photoshop at close to 700mb memory usage. So is it safe to assume this is a graphic card issue? :(
  4. mmmmm maybe open your display adapter properties, tick the 'list all modes' option and see what rez's your card supports, there may well be a resolution you havent tried yet that gives you the results you require.
    Sounds like a funny little quirk, I guess it could even be a driver issue?

    Im afraid thats really all I can think of at the moment, sorry :(
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