My Front USB (on mobo) is not working! Help!

I recently bought an internal memory card reader that has a USB connection. I have a USB port (built in on my pc case) which i connect to F_USB 1 of the motherboard. So, i connected my card reader to F_USB 2 of the motherboard. The problem starts, my card reader works, it is able to read memory cards, but it can't detect any USB 2.0 devices such as pendrive (it has 1 USB port).

More worst, my USB port on the PC case can't even be recognized. I tried plugging in my external HDD or Pendrive, it came up with a message "Usb not recognized". So, I tried removing memory card reader and the USB port works again. Or, I removed the USB port and the card reader works. Why is this happening? Not enough power? BIOS not set to run 2 usb? Mobo failure? or my card reader has problem?? Please help! much appreciated.
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  1. compatible issue. Update the driver.
  2. What driver? No driver was provided.

    I just found out that my card reader USB port does not work as well, only the memory card slots work. With card reader plugged into my mobo, my whole front USB stops working. The USB has power, but not recognized when i plug an external HDD. So, this is compatibility issue? How can i fix this? No driver was provided from my purchase.
  3. You may be exceeding the max amp for the USB hubs.

    Try connecting all the hardware. Go into the control panel-->system-->device manager-->expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers-->right click and uninstall all of the usb root hubs-->restart.
  4. Tried that. I believe it's the fault of my dirt cheap no-brand memory card reader or maybe it consumes too much power. However, i saw from google search many ppl are having this problem with cheap card reader on windows 7, still can't find a solution.

    It's alright, i'll just get a usb card reader. Thank you all
  5. I'd be interested to know if a different card reader fixes the problem. Please post an update on how it goes.
  6. My card reader is an inexpensive (another word for cheap) Logisys Multi card reader - about $14. It takes two (2) USB ports, and works fine; both the card reading part as well as the USB part.

    My system specs are in my profile.
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