Samsung HD203WI vs WD20EARS

I need to buy a cheap 2TB for my home server. Te drive needs to be reliable, cheap and have loads of space. So far I narrowed down my search to the two in the title. Both are cheap and big, I just need to know which is more reliable (important, I intend on using them for next 7 years). Please discuss and advise.
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  1. Bump.
  2. If you are using Windows 7 (or maybe Vista) then either; if you are using XP or Linux stick with the Sammy (the WD won't work).
  3. Why is that?
  4. I use Linux. Why wouldn't it work?
  5. Why it won't work out of the box in Windows XP is explained here:

    The article doesn't mention Linux though.
  6. I started researching it in relation to linux, and it sounds like you can get them to work if you are on good terms with g-parted, and can use the manual mode. Of course with linux you can expect the support to arrive before too long.
  7. Funny how the 2TB WD20EARS worked just fine on my XP system :P
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