Help picking a gtx 260

Hi folks,

Thanks for all the previous advice and assistance - from all that I've decided to plum for a gtx 260.

I've got 3 main options atm, and I'd be greatful for any input on them, All core 216 models; main quandry is on vendor and deal:

1 (current fav) EVGA, £217, lifetime warranty, 55nm, overclocked (I hear this doesnt make much of a differance?)

2) XFX, black edition. bundled with mirrors edge and farcry 2 (not massively fussed). £218

3) OC value range, Bundled with mirror's edge and farcry 2 (not massively fussed). Value version, no set vendor.

Any thoughts or input would be great.
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  1. to clarify - the 55nm not making much of a differance, not the OC.
  2. Hi, back again;)
    From your earlier thread; Your current CPU will limit it, but the performance at 16x10 will be so high as to maker the limit of no real consequence.
    I`m sure others will say the HD4850 might be a better choice and, right now, it would, but you are planning on keeping this rig for some time, so, for you, I think the 260 is probably the best long term (in PC time anyway)way to go.
    With the prices so close, and your long term aims in mind, I`d put the EVGA first because of its long warranty, and the XFX with its shorter, but still long, warranty a very close second with the OC card last.
  3. You need a medal sir!

    I was giving the hd4850 some serious thought - I think the main thing which put me off is the heat it pumps out, and the fact it doesnt vent it externally. My bedroom is a real suntrap and the case gets hot atm with the 7900gtx, and that has a slot cooler which vents the air out as it is. Having a hot card which vents internally, plus hot room = a bit of a worry.
    I know some versions have a slot cooler, but these all seem to be nearing the £150-60 mark, and for that, the jump to the 260 seems logical for 40 quid.
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