Dual 4850s, Poor Performance When CrossFire Enabled.

Hi, first post.

I recently aquired two xfx 4850s. I installed them, and everything seemed normal. My only problem is, when I benchmark my graphics performace, i actually take a slight (5-10%) performace hit when the "enable crossfireX" tickbox is ticked in CCC. I have enabled CGI in my BIOS.

Could this be due to the 16x/4x setup I am running them in, I was led to believe that the penalties that this configuration caused you were quite slight? This was intended as a temporary solution until i could fork out for a new board.

This whole situation has me flabbergasted, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

My system is as follows:

- Intel e8500 @ 4.62ghz - Prometia Mach II GT Phase Change Unit - Asus P5K Deluxe - 2gb Corsair DOMINATOR DDR2-1066 D9 - 2x XFX ATi 4850s - Silverstone ST85F 850w PSU - Modded Lian Li PC-7 bolted to Prommie - 1.62tB - Audigy2 -

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  1. I have a single channel 16x, it will run in 8x / 8x should i crossfire which i probably will in a few months.
    Im assured that i wont get a bottleneck, and it would only slightly limit a pair of 4870's.

    Bit of reading....

    4x is killing you and if you can return them for a 4850x2 you wont need to upgrade your mobo

    Nice OC btw
  2. Thanks for that.

    Went and swapped them for a gtx280 today, and i am very happy with the results.

    4.62 is my daily OC, ive had it to 5.01 stable. -60 does wonders :)
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