Rate my first system build! going all out

I decided not to go with lga 775 or 9800's . i work for foxconn as a Repair Tech & have been into it for a just about forever but even as my first build i decided i need to go with the newer tech even though its more pricy its also going to be more practicle in the future while the 775 and 9800s are allrady running on borrowed time it seems after doing the serious research and decision making i did for the i7 platform. bought everything yesterday and its en-route & expected on wednesday.
here it is.

Intel Core i7 920 @2.66 hyperthreaded Quad core w/ Tripple channel QPI

Gigabyte EX58 Extreme mobo socket 1366, 6 DDR3 dimms & 3 pcie x16 slots

6 Gigs of kingston Tripple channel ram @1066 (cpu's qpi will run the memory @1066 stock but in tripple channel

Two WD 500 gig's 32 meg cache hdd's will be in raid 0
(i got these with 32 meg cache's from the customer service guy through one of his vendors Same price!)

1 BFG GeForce GTX 280 Video Card - OC Edition (so badly wanted 2. sometime soon ill have 2 and in the future 3 :)

Mach 1 Modular Power Supply SLI Cert. 1220 Watt

XCLIO A380BK Full ATX Black w/ 2 250mm fans, one in the front and one on the side both with VR fan speed control

also need to get at least a 26'' monitor so first b4 i get another 280.

I will be running vista 64bit
man i am so excited to get this and put it together. the new archatecture and everythig is pretty exciting.
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  1. I had no idea that FoxConn paid so well. Are there any job openings? :)

    Great PC. Just three problems with it:

    1. you can build something that costs a lot less and still does very well.

    2. Is that "Mach 1" a Kingwin? That's a tier 5 brand. I wouldn't trust it with a $2600 build.

    3. You bought first and asked later.
  2. yyeeaaaaa and no, i agree i could of saved probably around 500-600$ goin the other route in terms of tech. i def didnt drop almost 2 grand without going through every detail like anyone else. the hardest part of it all was the details. but for the extra $$ i got alot more longevity (and performance)on the system, every component has at least a 3 year warranty from the oem except the mobo and i got an extra 2 years on it for about 50$. the gpu and ram are lifetime, psu and cpu 3 years, hdd's 5 years. but i didnt spend as much as you though either. total cost of this build: $1,721.55 im getting vista ultimate 64 bit for about 20 bucks from a friend at work. and no foxconn for the majority pays unskilled hispanic & japaneese workers in there plants but thats why im there, to fix the bad ones as well as the f'd up ones from the assembly line. the manuf. diags & warranty techs / repair techs (what i do) help them keep there shady employment practices going. this is actually a result of a side job i took due to the slow season for business computers.
  3. Well, it's going to be a very impressive gaming box. OK, the third GTX 280 is probably overkill, even at 1920x1200. See what you get with two of them first.

    If you want to overclock I'd recommend the Noctua NH-U12P (LGA1366 version). www.frozencpu.com sells it for $70, for example.

    Good luck with the build!
  4. yea thats def. true, the 3rd 280 wouldnt give me its $'s worth in performance improvement, that was a hard choice to go with the 3 x16 slots and psu for em' but in the future when gaming gets really outta hand & the price drops on em' ill be glad plus the mobo is pretty solid. its got its own chipset heat sink that vents out using an expansion slot.. i cant wait to see what 2 of the 280's will do but hopefully i wont see all too many "issues" when putting it all together.
  5. The reviewers at Guru3D got 47 fps in Crysis and 62 fps in CoD, both at 1920x1200 with a single GTX 280. I think you'll be pleased with that machine even before adding the second card.
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