Best Quiet Videocard for 24" monitor under $150??

Price range is preferably under $150 and under $100 is even better.

I presently have an AGP Nvidia GeForce 7600 GS which is fanless in an older Pentium D 3.4 Ghz system.
It runs at 57-60 C according the Speedfan monitor in normal use.

Will be building a Core 7 system.
Am a casual gamer.
Have a Doublesight 245W 24" monitor.

Would like the best performing quietest and coolest running card for the money in my price range.
The reason I want quiet is that I mostly do audio and music work on my PC.

Thanks for any advice.
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  1. HD4850 or 9800GTX+, if you really wanna penny-pinch, look to the 4830 and 9800GT.
  2. ati 2600

    Older card but it still does a decent job gaming. Since your not gaming you should be able to slow the larger fan down a bit to make it silent.
  3. Probably something like a 8800GT class with a silent after-market cooler attached. I've heard good things about the accelero S1.

    Good choices for the card:
    9600gso, 9600gt, 8800gt/9800gt
    HD 3850, HD 3870, HD 4830, HD 4850

    Of course, to utilize passive cooling, you'll need good case air flow.
  4. You can also go for the 9500GT. It's basically a budget 8800 and can drive up to 2560x1600 of pixels. Since it's not designed to be the paragon of gaming or anything like that, the stock fan will do.
  5. I'd go with a GPU that uses an aftermarket type cooler from the factory, MSI has a 9800GT, 9800GT+ and 2 - 4850s that feature this type cooler at or below your budget. 3 pin fan control that can be controlled by Rivatuner for speed/quiet.

    If after you've installed and run this card and still find it to be too loud you can replace the shroud/fan with a 120mm low decibel case fan such as a scythe 20db fan for even quieter running (zip tie it in place.)
  6. Thanks for the recommendations! :hello:
    Will do some homework and check back when I have more questions.

    Am pretty much interested in ones with stock fan/cooling that do the job in terms of heat and noise.

    I will probably be using an aftermarket fan/cooler for the CPU, but am not sure if that will be needed
    for the Core 7's.

    Am using an Alpine cooler/fan on present CPU and it is fantastic and quiet.
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