XFX 5830 oc help

Hi all ,

I got hold of a Ati 5830 , (£90) new so had to get it ...
I know the drivers are bad at present but was using 10.3b and OC to 900mhz 1300mhz with CCC .
I'm only running a single 22" monitor so i like the card ticking over for 2d at 157mhz 1300mhz , temp 37 C , fan on 45%

But have just installed the latest 10.6a driver , problem i have is it still OC's but standard on overdrive is 400mhz 1300mhz (they up'd this for issues with dual monitors , but now my temp 51 C , fan is set to 65% and more noise .

I get more fps with new drivers but would like to get the 400mhz back to 157 ........

How can i do this please ?????

Thanks all
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