I7 930 OC help

Need help OCing my 930 want to go to at least 3.8 maybe to 4 ghz if i can. running stock right now and temp is running 36 to 40c. I tried OCing and it got to hot. heres my setup. please would be great to get info

i7 930
Gigabyte X58 UD3R
Gskill DDR3 1600
Silverstone 1000w PSU
XFX 5870
Prolimatech Megahalems
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  1. Is that your idle temp?
  2. hey mate. what heatsink are you using, if you are using the intel one then i would recommend getting a better one something like the noctua NH-U12P for like $100. That usually offers some fantastic heat diffusion when on full loadout, even when clocked to 4GHz you will get about 60 - 70 degrees outa this thing. Anyway it seems like you are using stock cooler and i recommend going no further than OCing to 3.2GHz. To do so just bump your bclk up to around 150/160 leave everything on auto and it should run very stable. although if you want to lower your voltage you can down it to about 1.125v. I would leave speed step on in this situation just to allow the cpu to run at a lower temp. between big jobs until you get a heatsink.

    good luck. post anything else you are having problems with.
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