Should i buy an SSD with my Nvidia chipset MOBO?

Hi guys

i am thinking about getting an SSD.

Although, I have a 780i Nvidia chipset motherboard, and i've heard from here and there that it is going to bottleneck my SSD performance vs Intel Chipset motherboard.

Could anyone clarify or confirm this for me please?

I am down to 2 choices between the Intel G2 160G SSD vs Vertex 2 Sandforce 100G.

Thanks alot.
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  1. anyone?
  2. I picked up a OCZ agility 2 SSD and it is a nightmare. 780i boards do not have AHCI settings in the bios for the SATA ports. This is needed to run Trim support. The standard microsoft Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller drivers work to enable TRIM, but the device manager will not let you change the driver for some (including me). I have even deleted the drivers entirely and the system either reinstalls them or does not boot.
  3. wow....are u using windows vista or 7?
  4. Brave_H said:
    wow....are u using windows vista or 7?
    References to Microsoft and Trim mean he's using Windows 7.
    You will lose Trim support for your drive but it still should work. This means using a "garbage collection" manual cleaning routine to keep your drive performance from degrading. Use your chipset's OEM drivers rather than Win7 default drivers. Set the drive up as IDE.
    For me, I would not put up with this hassle, and get a velociraptor instead.
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