Computer + Monitor + Distance = possible?

Hi to all

I want to connect 3 monitors to my computer, I found out that there're several ways to do that. So my question is , if is possible to connect those monitors 15 meters apart from the PC?

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  1. Physically I can`t see why not it`s just the expense of getting long enough cables made, but you will have problems with signal degradation and interference.
    I think you really need to talk to an experienced engineer, perhaps at your local TV or radio station?
  2. The problem is how to get those "long enough cables" , If is no commercial cables out there is because it doesn't work out so maybe I've to use another type of cables , shielded or whatever... coxial perhaps? but how do I send the signal through a coxial cable. There is a coxial - VGA converters?
  3. Yes, it is possibble to place a CPU from the Monitor maximum of 40 Meter distance. But there is a chance of losing graphics resolution. to avoid the lose of resolution VGA converter can be put in the both end.
  4. Yup, your local TV or Electronic shop must have that cables... :)
  5. Ive seen HDMI/DVI/VGA/USB extension cables that are 10-15m in length here in Seoul (I know it doesnt help). My point being they should be available somewhere.

    You can also get cables custom made as well. Also, you may lose signal strength/resolution over such a great distance. I sometimes lose USB signal using a 5m extension.

    Lastly, can you SEE that far without eye strain? I had trouble seeing my display on my old 40" lcd setup @5m lol.

    Good luck :hello:
  6. This thread is over a year old.

    Of course it's possible, but you may need either good quality cables if the source is strong enough, or else a repeater box to re-amplify and re-send the signal along the way.

    Thread closed.
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