Asus M3N-HT Deluxe bios flash.

I'm looking at buying a phenom 2 X4 940 BE (to replace my 6000+ x2) but i need to flash my bios I have the Asus m3n-ht deluxe mempipe edition motherboard and i am running the Windows 7 x64 RC build 7100

the AWARD phoenix bios tool will not run in the Windows 7 environment so im guessing im down to flashin the bios using a USB floppy. I've been browsing the net looking up USB BIOS flashes and some people are moaning about Windows 7 not booting after the flas (but some of those my have been down to not setting boot order after the flash) however its still made me a bit paranoid so i ask.

1. Can anyone point me towards a good guide for flashing the bios through a floppy USB (have seen many but I am a bit paranoid without feedback from people)

2. After Flashing has anyone else heard of issues with W7 actualy being a problem?

thanks alot

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  1. I actually used the Auto Update program that is for Vista 64 bit and running bios ver. 2704 with windows 7 the only problem I have had is when PC goes to sleep It wakes up with errors.
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