Cool my northbridge ? ( overclocking right now )

i want to overclock my cpu ...
last time i burned my Motherboard :X
i have very good cpu fan which could get my cpu at 50c max with full load but the motherboard burned for other reason , its the northbridge
Its a must to cool it with a fan right ?
is there any thing else that i have to cool ?
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  1. Instead of guessing and asking for advice from people who have never overclocked a thing or who repeat things they heard incorrectly - start overclocking and measure and observe the temps on your northbridge. If it gets hot then add a cooling device.

    As a rule if you increase voltage, you increase temps. Some people will stop overclocking at some point, others will use water or other methods to keep going... you need to decide what your limit is... we cant tell you that....
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