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I have a dell dimension 8400 that I had to wipe the HDD. when reinstalling the operating system I have been unable to get the 2 HDD's set up in raid array. Any suggestions?
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  1. Give us some more info about your setup.... What make and model HDD drives do you have and what type of raid are you trying to set up???

    The intel 925X chipset your motherboard has supports Raid 0 (performance) and Raid 1 (redundancy) - which is a bit of a simplification but might help you decide if you dont know....

    Have you enabled raid in the BIOS and then gone into the intel RAID setup when the computer boots to build a raid array? after that you'll need to install a RAID driver (F6) during windows setup normally from a floppy disk, once youve got that far, the array should essnetially function like a normal disk - only faster or more redundant ;)
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