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Hello people!

I am new to this forum And if i'm doing something wrong , Please me know.

So i've recently bought DDR2-1066 OCZ Fatal1ty ram ( 2x2gb ). I have read on alot of forums , Some people are saying that this ram is not the best OCZ made but some people were able to run it to 1066 with no problems.

My specs are :

Q6600 overclocked at 3.2Ghz 1.275 VCore.
P5Q Pro Turbo (Yes it can take 1066 Mem)
And now : 4gb OCZ Fatal1ty 1066

So I bought these stick and put them in my computer , Bios says that its running at 1066 in underleaved mode , Blah blah.

When i get into windows and check Cpu-Z , shows it running at 800mhz ( 890 mhz , Since the CPU Is oc'ed to 3.2 )

Dram:445.1 ( cpu at 3.2 )
FSB:Dram : 4:5
Timings: 5-5-5-15-54-2t

So i go read forums and everyone are saying to manually set the ram to 1066. So i'm going into my bios , i set the timings to 6-7-7-18 ( Which are the timings set by OCZ ) , The Voltage to 2.1 and the ram to 1066 ( 1074 exactly cause the options are made with the CPU FSB and i cant enter it manually)

Well , PC reboot after 15 seconds into windows. Ive tried to put my FSB to 333 ( 3.0ghz ) and memory to 1066 , it was still not working . I've tried to use Northbridge STRAP to whatever i could and it didnt work.

When i go back to stock clocks with my CPU which is 2.4 ghz ( 256 fsb ) I can run my memory to 1066 And i can even tighter the timings. I just rather have my 3.2 overclock than 1066 memory , But both would be kickass. Some people on forums could get 4.0 ghz on a Q6600 and 1066 memory... So wth.

So i don't know what is limiting me or if i'm doing wrong bios settings , I can't seem to get it working at all. if anyone have any clue on this i'd love some help.

Thanks , Math.
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  1. Some would argue that 1066 Mhz DDR2 is really 800Mhz DDR2 that has had slower timings that allow for the faster speed. Every time I read reviews of Timings vs. Mhz with RAM, unless you buy the very best and fastest RAM available, it ends up being a wash. In my own experience, my DDR2800 runs at 1066, I have a q6600 like you, and run 3.2 or 3.6ghz, and when I battled the timings vs Mhz (even at 1150 mhz) it still was better and more stable at 800mhz with sweet timings (4-3-4-12). At 1066mhz, it has to go up to 6-6-6-25 or something like that.

    I ended up running FSB 400mhz, with 8x multi to get to 3.2, then ran the RAM as listed above. My benches say this is the best authoritatively for my system, might be worth a try. BTW, 4.0ghz on q6600 is not easy to come by. I've tried 3 chips and 3 mobos and have got 3.6ghz max.
  2. did you have software to check the CPU temperature.
    sometimes when you overclock CPU, you have to notice the temperature
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