Can I connect a SATA drive to a SCSI drive?

I was thinking of adding a internal drive and on checking my current drive Hitachi HDT725032VLA 320gb, which I originally thought was a SATA 3.0 drive, when I purchased my PC. I found out is a SCSI drive.

My questions are: Can I connect a SATA 3.0 internal drive to my current SCSI internal drive? Or, Do I have to buy another SCSI drive? If I can connect a SATA drive to my SCSI Drive, do I need any special cables, etc.?

I 'm lost on this subject and would appreciate any help. Thanks.
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  1. Assuming this is a desktop computer, you need to check the motherboard for a SATA connection. I doubt if trying to connect a SATA drive to a SCSI connector will work.
  2. My impression was that SCSI and SATA are different connectors and protocols. Therefore you'd have to get a SCSI controller (the PCIe card) if you wanted to use that drive. I haven't seen SCSI ports on consumer desktop mobos since it's typically used in enterprise servers.
  3. Why do you think it is a SCSI drive?

    Does it have a big wide ( about 2 inch ) cable and a normal 4-pin molex power connector?

    Or does it have a small ( about 1/2 inch ) cable with a flat end and a power cable about 1 inch wide with a flat end?

    there are times when the OS lists a drive's interface or driver as SCSI but in reality it is IDE ( or SATA )
    but don't go by that. go by the cables used.
  4. Doing a google on "Hitachi HDT725032VLA" indicates the drive is a SATA.

    Easy to tell, as Paul indicated.

    If this is a Home computer (Your build), or a "Best Buy" one it is VERY unlikely you Have a SCSI card installed. While there are some MB (mostly server) that have onboard SCSI The vast majority, of for home, do not. Also SCSI HDDs are normally rater expensive compared to SATA/PATA drives.
  5. I did some further checking on the my drive and I think, it is a SATA drive because it is connected with a SATA cable to my MB. I have a 3 to 4 year old
    Cyberpower PC with a EVGA 680i motherboard.

    What really threw me for a loop is using Piriform Speccy gave me the following info:
    Hitachi HDT725032VLA SCSI Disk Device
    Manufacturer Hitachi
    Product Family Deskstar
    Series Prefix Differentiator between two models with the same name
    Speed, Expressed in Revolutions Per Minute (rpm) 7200
    Model capacity for this specific drive 500GB
    Interface IDE
    Capacity 312.57GB
    Real size 320,072,933,376 bytes

    So, I m guessing that I shouldn't have any problem getting another SATA drive
    and having it work. Right?
  6. The fact that the Piriform utility stated that it was both an IDE and a SCSI drive is a clue that the utility is a little confusing.

    If you are in any doubt as to whether the present drive is SATA take it along with you to the retailer where you buy the new one.
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