Dream machine

ok built this system outta some old parts had and new. Here it is

P.s. sorry about the ugly 8 pin cable running across have to buy a longer one to reach around the back

The specs are
780I Evga mobo
8400 wolfdale
2 gig corasir dominator and 2 gig of ocz 1066
750 watt silverstone
dual 8800 gts oc'd
dual raptors 3.0 300gb raid 0
danger den liquid cooled system with blue uv fluid
danger den cpu / gpu blocks/ raptor liquid cooling blocks
one tripple 120mm raditor mounted internal to the antec 1200 case
antec 1200 custom modified case with complete clear window and of course lighting goodies..

again sorry about ugly 8 pin connector but got a longer one ordered already and some of the panels in front are missing to allow me to check for leaks. Since still in the construction phase.

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  1. I need cold cathodes...
  2. Nice, what's your OC on the e8400
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