Having promblems with the new case liquid cooling

Inside room temp 25c
liquid at idle temp 30c (old case was 26.5c)
liquid at full load prime 95 37c (fans on full blast)

cpu temps 36c idle
full load 62c:confused:

lian li 2100

Res koolance
pump swiftech 655 (pump attach to res)
rad 1 thermochill 480/4
rad 2 swiftech's 220's

cpu amd 1090t (4.2ghz)
gpu 5970 (stock)

Loop goes res,pump,rad (480),Gpu,swiftechs(220's),Cpu 1090t,Res

(what i think is wrong)
Now this is what i think is wrong maby i need more pump so another 655?

maby more fans on my rads?

more exhaust fans?

is the power supply putting out too much heat and the rads are sucking it up?

things that i know thats not wrong ive left the sides of the case open so i would see what the temps were if i put a grille on the side of the panal about a 2c difference on the inside temp of the case












4.0ghz idle

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  1. those load temps seem about right...you can always try to split the loops into 2 different loops and see if that helps your temps. one for the cpu and the other for the vid cards
  2. wait...i just looked at the pic again...with your side panel on hows the rad inside your case working? is it just recirculating warm air at the bottom of your case?
  3. adding fans to the 480 isnt going to help the fact that its still circulating warm case air
  4. That's right..............It should be Res > Pump > Rad > Rad > CPU > GPU > Res :ange:
  5. Why would you put rads BEFORE the components? The CPU block NEEDS as much pressure as possible to cool effectively, since it is cooling such a small area. Your loops should go:

    Res -> Pump -> CPU -> GPUs (IDK if you have a full block or separate blocks) -> Rads -> Res.

    Splitting the loops WON'T help unless you have two pumps, the pressure drop will be too much for the blocks to cool effectively.
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