Adding a Blu Ray Drive, Quick advice!

Couple months in to my new build and now I want to add a Blu Ray Drive to my rig , ran the advisor to see if my system was ready and it is. My question is what software, if needed, do I need to run blu ray? And can anyone recommend any good reliable drives? Any help is much appreciated! :)
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  1. 1. What are your system specs?

    2. How are you planning on using this, as a media center?

    3. Are you trying to play movies imaged on your hard drive? If so, what format?

    I like to use cyberlink power dvd 9 or 10. I would go for 10 as it supports 3d and upscales lower grade formats to 1080p. 9 upscales to 1080p as well so if your not planning on setting up for 3d in the future and can get a better price on 9 then go for that version...
  2. 1. I5 750. ga p55a ud3, 5770, 700w psu, 4gb, 1TB

    2. just for playing blu ray movies and hooking my TV too.

    3. No imaged movies, no burning and no 3d in the future!

    So options are power dvd 9? for a good choice?
  3. I recommend you download and try the free K-lite megacodec 6, and if you arn't satisfied ( which is a distinct possibility) buy Power DVD 10..

    It includes the media player classic which is one of the best and most complex media players available, it can use your GPU to play a lot of formats, thus offloading the CPU, and most important of all, it's freeware!
  4. Have Cyberlink's powerDVD 7 on one computer and ver 9 on a 2nd computer - both were freebies with the drives LG H20 and newer oen is a a Pioneer BDR205. Both are Blu-ray writers not players.

    Replaced my 2 laptop DVD drives with a sony Blu-ray player (DVD writer) and have Arcsoft Total Media Theatre Installed.

    PowerDVD is about $95 Blu-ray Ed Ver 10) and Total media Theatre is about $90

    Both softwares are about the same. Also have anyDVD istalled on one of the computers.

    Also available is Corel WinDVD Pro, on sale from $99 to $49 (Not tried their newest version - older version, prefered the 1st two I mentioned. Also all three have a Trial version avail I believe.
  5. avatar - Could be wrong, but don't think K-lite will work for playing Blu-ray disks. It seems the problem, no free Blu-ray software, is royalties that have to be paid to the holders of the patent on decoding the audio stream.
  6. So at least $60-100 for software just to run Blu Ray? Went to frys and Plextor has a drive with software included for $130! Is it worth to buy the software seperate or with the drive?
  7. What software was bundled with that drive? I would try to get some feedback on the software to make sure you will like it first. Cheaper isnt always better but since you are only planning to play a single disk from the drive itself it definiltey opens up options for most any player software.

    I have had to switch software in the past because my plan of useage changed over time and it no longer did what I wanted. If you feel this could happen to you (I believe it may) then you are better off getting the software that has the most capabilities to cover any ideas you may change to later down the road.

    Thats a decision ultimately up to you as you know your budget and need to decide how deep you want to go to cover any future useage plans...

    I believe it's cyberlink but there's one on new egg for $55 with software that has good reviews and alot of people have purchased. It's a lite- on which i don't know too much about?
  9. LiteOn, use to be great, but I think their quality Has dropped. Perfer LG, pioneer, samsung. You should be able to get one + Software for Approx 70 - 80 bucks.

    It seems that the Cyberlink software is what is bundled with most drives (Ver 8, But may get lucky and get ver 9, as I think Ver 10 is the latest - they would like to hook you and get you to buy the "Last/Greatest" version. As I indicated I'm still using ver 7 on one computer.

    As for Plextor - Use to be One of the Best (overpriced, but the best). Ond DVD drives they got out of the OEM market and started selling rebadged drives at a markedup price. Not sure, but I think their Blu-ray drive is also a rebadged drive - not sure who really makes it.
  10. Very informative article! Im gunna take a look at the LG and the Lite-on on newegg,
    heres a couple i like if anybody had feedback on them.

    How do I know if drives come with the software or not? reading some of the reviews theirs no description. Id rather pay a little bit with software inlcuded then finding out i need another software program thats gunna cost me $100 or so?
  11. First drive you listed - If you look at the "pictures", look at the Included disk - it says Cyberlink BD solutions. Note high #1 (26% but relative small sample #, 23) - didn't read

    2nd Link (LG) This is a "retail" version (Not OEM) - only 9 reviews, But reading some indicates it comes with Cyberlink Ver 8

    As for the "tomsHardware review" good reading, but left out one key test - Quality of burn Didn't see it mentioned, scanned the responses, See someone else notice that.
    This article seemed mildly interesting but any comparison of disk burners that only looks at speed and not quality, i.e. recording errors, is not worth the time to read, let alone write. Really guys! You're supposed to be the hardware
    experts and you don't know this? Burners are judged on recording quality
    End quote

    To me Quality is more important than speed, And while this is to a large degree dependent on the Disk, the Burner does contribute. - You can see hugh differencies between different brands of disk and different burners when performing a quality scan (Most of my scans are on DVD+R disk.)
  12. Well the only difference that I can see is 8x, 10x and most expensive is 12x for read speeds. Even in the article speeds weren't even reached to their extent. I've heard LG had a good rep with drives so I might give them a try.
  13. Considering the cost of blu-ray drives and software (if required), i guess its better to get an independent player.. After all, your sole purpose is viewing only i guess.. Moreover, it won't involve any installing and stuff.. Just connect and watch.. Better quality picture and sound also.. Later you can get a blu-ray writer when the prices reach some sanity..
  14. Emperus makes a good point, If your monitor has multiple inputs, ie HDMI and a DVI you could connect the computer to the DVI and the External blu-ray player to the HDMI.

    Although I have a Blu-ray player in the Computer I also Have a external Blu-ray Player (it also writes DVD's). The computer pluges into the DVI and the External player plugs in to the HDMI. I have cable into the External and can record TV programs on it.
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