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I have a 300 watt psu with 15a on the 12volt rail, my video card is a xfx 512mb 8400gs the manual says it requires a 350 watt psu and 20a on the 12v rail. My problem is that when i am palying world of warcraft after awhile everything in the game starts changing colors then eventually it gets to where everthing is distorted. I have done everything the blizzard csr has told me to do and now he suggests that i upgrade my psu because of these specs sometimes i can play the game for 10 to 20 mins before this happens. i am wandering what to do cause alot of people say this card works fine on the 300watt psu but i am wandering if they are playing WoW because this card seems to work fine on everythning else. PLEASE HELP!! LoL
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  1. kinda sounds like a overheating problem . how long exactly can u play the game before it starts to distort.... cuz sometimes it takes a few before the Video card is at its max temp.... while gaming... i used to have a problem with my old system .. i could play a game for about 10 mins till i started to get distortion or artifacts.... with no overclock found out it was a heating problem ..... slapped somemore fans in my old system and solved the problem or its just your psu not able to handle the load
  2. sometimes i can play it for 10 mins and sometimes i can play it for 30 to 45 mins i checked the temp on the card with speedfan and they dont go over 62 degrees celcius i may check and see if i can put a big fan on it and see if that helps any
  3. I put a home fan on high blowing right into the case the thing still messes up im pretty sure its not a heating problem i just wanna know if that power supply is borderline and could be causeing the problem
  4. It could very possibly be a faulty/aging/inadequate power supply. If your graphic card doesn't get over 62 degrees and you've cleaned it and checked for massive dust bunnies, the next thing i'd do is replace the power supply. A good option for it's replacement is this 380w Antec Earthwatts at $35 with free shipping.

    or this P C Power and Cooling 370w
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