PSU fan stopped, noisy, yet cool, wtf?

I have an antec 500W psu (model sp-500). The exterior facing fan is not moving, and won't work with a flick-start, but the case of the psu is extremely cool (room-temperature cool). Do I need to fix/replace the fan?

Also it's making a strange noise about every 10 seconds, a whirring sound like something is winding up faster and faster for about 2 seconds and then stopping fast. The exterior-facing fan is not moving when this happens, and placing my hand in front of the interior-facing fan, I don't feel any difference in air flow. It sounds like it's coming from inside the psu...any ideas what's up?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. stuff breaks and cheapy 500w psu's get chearpy fans!

    get a new psu!
  2. My chip fan and (occasionally) CPU fan often don't work, could the PSU be causing this, even though it's not warm, or is it a mobo problem?
  3. As far as I know, PSU fans don't automatically turn off. o_O Your PSU fan is toast, and that whirring sound could possibly be a blown capacitor or something. I don't know though; not a PSU expert.

    With that said, check your Antec warranty and get it replaced. In the meantime, get a better PSU perhaps...
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