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Hi all,
I have recently purchased the Noctua NH-U12P air cooler for my pc. My cpu is already overclocked to 3.2GHz with everything on auto. I would like to over clock it to 4GHz or 4.2GHz. I should be able to get there fairly easily although i am unsure how to get to that stage. I am fairly new to overclocking and i would like assistance or information about the overclock and what i may need to change. My specs are as follows:

i7 920 (D0)
geforce gtx295
Asus p6t motherboard
6GB of DDR3 Kingston Hyper-x RAM
1050w power supply
1.5TB 32MB HDD
Cooler Master Scout Case with 1X 140mm and 4X 120mm coolmaster led fans

As you can see i have a fairly good system and i am, at the moment, not using it to its full potential. Any help or feedback will be appreciated.

Game Alias: EatMyD0NuT (EMD)
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