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Hey everyone. I recently bought a 30GB OCZ SSD to use as a boot drive for my Asus G72GX. I have win7 64 installed and my most used programs such as Office, Chrome, and Photoshop. I have 8 GB left of my 30, how much room should I leave on the drive open? Isn't it bad to fill the SSD to the max?

Also I have all of my files on my slave 500gb drive, along with all of my programs that were installed origionally on that drive when it was a boot drive. Is there anything I can do to have those programs run on the slave drive when booting from the SSD without reinstalling them. It gives me an error if i try to launch them.
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  1. You need to reinstall, you can't just move the folders. The installer has registry entries for where all the files are.
  2. I won't be moving the files, they will still be on that HDD I just want to run them while booting off of my SSD
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    OK, missed a little of the question, but it's the same answer. You need to install the programs after you boot off of the SSD. You can point to the HDD (as your F drive or whatever it is). It should write over those locations, but it needs to put info in your registry, and possibly some DLLs as well. This may use some additional space on your c drive, as well.
  4. ^ That depends on the program. I have a PC with XP + Win 7 and I can just execute some of the programs installed on the XP partition with out problem. However, some programs, ie Photoshop fails to execute.
  5. Thanks a lot guys, helped out majorly!
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