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I have a EP45-UD3P with a Q9550 and my system clock in bios and easy tune do not match. If I reset the bios and look at easy tune, my system clock will say 2.83ghz for a few seconds with a multiplier of 8.5x. Then a few seconds later, it goes to 2.0ghz with a multiplier of 6x. Actually, the multiplier changes often as I'm typing this. Does anyone else see this? Am I correct to assume either easy tune is wrong? Or that easy tune/mobo is varying my multiplier? If I run wcpuid, i get BSOD. Anyone have any insight? Thanks

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  1. First of all dont even OC with easy tune,OC with BIOS,its has alot more options and will u give u better stability,
    The reason that your CPU downclocks and its multiplier changes from 9x to 6x is because of "Speedstep",disable it (From BIOS ) and it wont downclock
  2. ^+1. Well said! Most of the OCing software is cr@p. The only exception is the EVGA E-LEET which is pretty decent compared to the others.

    Also OP, DO NOT install the DES(Dynamic Energy Saver) Software.
  3. Oh i even wasnt trying to OC with it. I was just curious why the multiplier was changing. I mainly use easy tune to watch my fan speeds and temperatures.
  4. ok i uninstalled DES and turned off the cpu eist function... and it still reads a multiplier of 6x. I reinstalled easy tune to see if that was it, wasn't it. I'm going to manually set some stuff in bios and see if that works.
  5. sorry for the multiple posts, but i got it. i disabled the enhanced halt and the options below it. Motherboard is running at 41* C so i guess that was the reason why. But all is good now, thanks
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