SpeedFan won't allow me to change speeds?

Well, I've been google searching for the past few days on SpeedFan to set it up and run it as my fans have been running really slow for some reason. I've tried looking through all of the possible online forums and even the SpeedFan site to see why I have next to no user interface on my fans while trying to mess with SpeedFan. My fans are noted in the program, but I can't do anything about it.

The checkbox for "Automatic Fan Speeds" has been checked, but when I go into "Configure" it doesn't show my fans under any of the chips or in the "Speed" tab. They are listed under the "Fans" tab but when I click, all it does is allow me to highlight and that is all I can do. Any ideas? I'll post some screenshots if I can get any feedback.
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  1. first, open you case and check for dust in the fans. that can slow them down. also, when you do that, check to see if you fans are 3 or 4 pin power. 3 pin fans cannot be controlled by software, but saying that, not all motherboards are supported by speedfan for even the 4 pin fans.
  2. Motherboard specifications would rather help a lot erm? If you're using a AMD based motherboard, make sure you turn off cool 'n quiet, that worked for me :D.
  3. My MOBO is and Intel, either DG965LV or E210882. I've been looking to see which shows my board in Google images or links and I can't seem to find it. But you can look into the Gateway GT5238E as that's what it comes in. Both fans, one in the back and one in the front, are both 4pin connections. My BIOS has fan control ( barely ), and it has 3 settings, aggressive, normal, passive. It was already set to aggressive. Also, the fan control shows I'm supposed to have 3 fans? Inlet, outlet and cpu. I figure inlet must be the power supply? It shows the inlet at a 0 speed, but the fan is spinning when you look at it. Also, here is a screenshot of the SpeedFan program.

    And the "Speed" tab.

    They seem to always be around the 750's in SpeedFan AND in my BIOS.

    As a side note, I've looked into ICH and still don't understand what it is or why mine is always so hot, another reason I want my fans up.

    EDIT: I found a link to the exact picture of my motherboard. It seems the motherboard has been manufactured with a faulty sensor for the ICH. http://support.gateway.com/s/MOTHERBD/Intel2/4006153R/4006153Rmv.shtml
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