Nvidia 9600GT SLI Problem Please Help

Hello anyone who reads this. I'll get straight to the point.
I have recently built a new desktop computer with the following specs:

Case:COOLER MASTER Stacker 810
PSU:Rosewill RX750-S-B 750W 80Plus Certified
CPU:Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz
MB:EVGA 132-YW-E178-A1 LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 780i SLI FTW
GPU:BFG NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT OC 512MB PCIe 2.0: (x2)
OS: Vista 64bit

I am new to the concept of SLI. The problem that I keep running into is when I try to play games. Mainly I play CS:Source. I would be playing for about 30minutes and then the screen goes blank and the sound gets choked up and repeats until the screen goes to my desktop.In some rare occasions the blue screen of death would show up and I end up restarting. But other than that once the game shuts down I get an error msg about an APPCRASH. I would also get the same thing for COD4. I have read many forums and have taken their advice by.

So far I have tried:
1. Reinstalling Vista
2.Reinstalling the Games
3.Updating to the newest drivers for MB(nForce v.15.23 WHQL) and GPU(GeForce v181.20)
4.Checking if both GPUs were working
5.Used RivaTuner to turn up GPU fan speed for possible overheating (during idle stays at 50c and during its peak it reaches high 60c)

**Here is the weirdest thing. When I do not enable SLI mode and run a game on 1 GPU it does not freeze. But after I am done playing I still do get the occassional APPCRASH error.

Please if anyone could help me find what the problem might be when trying to run SLI for my computer games?
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  1. Initial thoughts:

    1. Do you have proper cooling for your overall computer case? (The problem could be that, if SLI'ed, both video cards putting out heat into the case is causing an overheating issue with another component.)

    2. You said the game works on one GPU. Have you tried t run it on both GPUs individually?...or just one of them? (Move your monitor to the other one, play the game, and see if the second card could be defective.)

    3. Did you overclock your machine? What about the video cards? (Even on accident while using RivaTuner.)

    In any regard, my first thoughts are Heat and Video Card Instability.
  2. The problem may lie with Vista 64, if you can give Vista 32 a go.
  3. I am replying to Terr281 and yes I have disabled SLI and plugged the monitor to the 2nd GPU and it seems to work fine. So I don't believe it is a GPU hardware problem.

    I will also look into the overheating of other hardware due to the heat output of the 2GPUs.

    And lastly I did not OC any of my hardware so far...would it help if I did OC?

    Still having problems and if anyone has any other suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. :)

    And Replying to mousemonkey: I will try to give Vista 32 a go definetly.

    Lastly: The first OS i tried was XP 32bit and SLI seemed to work fine on that OS. But I had a copy of a Vista 64bit and wanted to run the most recent OS.
  4. The problem could be with your power supply. SLI needs a minimum of 450w, 12v, 28Amp to run properly.
  5. I have exactly the same problem with my two ASUS 9600GT when running SLI (i.e. GTA4 and 3Dmark06).
    Alone each cards work fine.
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