New CPU, no screen.

Well I got a new Processor, after installing it and powering up everything, nothing happens with the screen.

So far I've:
Checked the video card.
Updated BIOS to 5.14(latest on compaq site)
Reset CMOS battery, and BIOS/CMOS defaults.
Checked the specs for this system(seems like this processor should work)

Perhaps I'm just reading it wrong.

Current is AMD LE-1640 2.7GHz(I got this at a store, I know it's bad.)

Going to AMD X2 5400 dual core.

That's what I got, except new video card.
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  1. its an amd?

    you need biod update or
    you did not plug in the 12v mobo atx cable

    or ram issue - pull and run on one stick and change slots if you boot increase the voltage asap
  2. Both old and new are AMD.

    I did bios update, power supply isn't an issue.

    Everything is plugged in.
  3. If you take a close look at the mobo specs, it only supports upto the 4800+. I'd say contact Compaq and see if the new bios will support past the original documentation or if the limit is the 4800+.
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    Yup, you probably didn't check to make sure that it supports the 5400. Even if the board can technically support it, if the support isn't in the BIOS it won't post. Considering it should be a 65W part it could work, but if the BIOS does not officially support it then you're going to have to get into some BIOS hacking to fix that.
  5. Dude... are you sure the processor's socket is the same as the one on your motherboard?
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