Do you want a new graphic card? gtx280 or HD4870x2

I have a problem. Because Flight simulator X doesn't work very good with a gtx 280 or HD4870 x2, I have to buy a 9800GTX+. So I sell 3 graphic cards:

two Sapphire HD4870x2, new, still in the box, never used and box never opened. It is a very good graphic card, but not for playing FSX.

and One EVGA GTX280, new, but box is already opened. Also a very good graphic card.

If you are interested in one or more of these graphic cards, please contact me by mail (my email:


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  1. I'm located in Belgium, europe. But I can send you (wherever you are located) the graphic cards. For the price: please send me an email with your bid.
  2. Is n`t this EXACTLY the sort of thing we`ve been told to delete from our E-mails for years?
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