E4500 overclock issues

hi guys..
this is my first post over here :D ..and i am a newbie to overclocking...
i may ask some stupid questions...but thats why i'm here!

my pc-
intel e4500 2.2ghz
asus p5kpl-amps (quite crappy) :(
transcend 2gb 800-mhz
western digital 320gb
zotac 9600gt

the problem is ......my e4500 is currently at3 ghz..i am however not being able to take it past that!
my vcore..is 1.38 ..even after stepping up the vcore i get errors in OCCT...

note-my board does not have a fsb:ram ratio option..its locked... :(

my fsb is at 273....cpu multiplier 11
ram is at 920mhz at 1.91v

however i can control the MCH and ICH voltage....can you explain what these mean? :??:

since i've seen loads of people getting good help from here!! please help me..! i cant afford a new pc

sry for my english!
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  1. You have DDR2-800 RAM running at 920 MHz. If you cannot lower your memory clock, you will not be able to OC your CPU any higher.
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