Ready to go postal. need simple answer

i'm about a couple days away from imploding. OK now all I want to know is, Has ASUS fixed the cold boot issue with the rampage II extreme? I'm sure some of you want to yell at me right now but right now I could care less, I think I have a grey hair right now.

I tried calling asus mobo suppport and i think i knew more about my mobo than the reject on the other side of the phone, he told me asus doesn't know about this problem..... I filled out a RMA report and waiting reply tomorrow but from what i've read it won't help me.
Now my situation...
I bought all my parts 4 days after the release of the i7, i felt secure going with Asus and was wrong. now I had this problem once or twice over the entire time i have had this comp, i've found out that I'm very lucky. MY issue is probably the same as all the others you have tried to help. Shut it down, then when I turn it back on it lights up and the fans move for a quick second and fails miserably.

Things i have tried..
removing and checking each of my 3 ram chips.
using the cmos button in the back of mobo.
troubleshooting with every single thing that uses power (fan, gfx card, water-pump, lights).
I haven't been updating my bios but non of them fix this problem.

I haven't tried a different psu, low on $$ and I'm the only person with a psu to power my comp in 50 miles lolz. My biggest guess if its not the mobo it's my ram and I can't get to the bios cause its officially not turning on.

my system
Asus rampage II extreme
6g Corsair 1600mh
Corsair 1000hx 1000w psu( ppl assume its a psu problem but i don't think so)
Sapphire 4870x2
Antec 1200
300g raptor 10,000 rpm

ask for more info if needed, dear god just reply so i don't feel alone sigh.....
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  1. Well this is a reply so you dont feel alone.... Just breathe and calm down sir.
    Well, I am waiting for my Rampage II Extreme, I just finished ordering Saturday. Hopefully I dont get this issue, if you figure it out tell me, and vice vera.
  2. From what it sounds, PSU is the problem... Sadly.
  3. thats Just it, You would think the psu but every single forum I have found they have tried to figure this out and every time the reason is the mobo has something wrong with it, some people with my PSU have the problem and some don't as well as other PSUs. Asus has already made a second version of this POS and it's having similar issues.
    I just know the RMA I'm about to do is not gonna work.
  4. Yeah... sometimes I wish there are physical stores that would sell these sort of things, rather than ordering by mail.

    At least Best Buy should sell more than just graphics cards, audio cards, and network cards....
  5. So is the problem right now that your computer isn't booting? And it was booting prior to this happening, and it just stopped working?
  6. Did you read the mother board mannual and put the RAM in the correct slots? DIMM A1, B1, C1. The colored slots, since your RAM is tri - channel the ASUS mobo and your RAM will only work correctly in the correct slots. It's not the ones closest to your CPU like most people think. As Kyeana stated, have you ever had your PC up and running? If you did everything above, then I am with the others on this and i'll say its your PSU.

  7. Yes to both of your questions but i just had a break through, spent a couple hours with some tape and my LCD poster and finally got the wiring to stay, Now when i turn my PSU switch on the LCD poster lights up and stays on the message "CPU init" manual says it means cpu initiation. now I doubt this message means my cpu is screwed but what should i do....take the cpu out and put it back in or... but there is a risk in messing with my mobo. i don't know how long the tape will hold and if i got jerking around with my mobo i might F it up. idk
  8. Go ahead and run through this checklist, chances are your problem in somewhere on here:
  9. yes, i've had this computer for over 6 months it works fine until this. i'm very safe with it and read up on how to put a computer together for months before buy all of my parts, i'm just not an expert on how to deal with this. i did and am still doing research on this "cpu init" issue and i'm finding a couple things
  10. I seen the cpu init error before and this was occuring because of bent pins. It won't hurt to take your CPU out and check, but make sure you reapply thermal paste while reseating the heat sink.
  11. If you have another video card, preferably one that's low power or one with no pci-e pwer plug, try that and see if the problem goes away. I had similar symptons on both my Asus boards and only after I upgraded video cards. It seemed the problem fixed it itself after I disconnected and attached GPU and RAM, cleared CMOS, so I thought it was a BIOS and 8 phase power thing trying to remember old components.

    Flash your motherboard BIOS if you don't have the most recent.
  12. i don't have a second video card but would putting it in a different pcie slot work? i i just check my pins and they look fine. still showing the cpu init on the poster. gonna try removing things maybe get me past the "cpu init" part and into the options. I'm sure i can start it by selecting bios 1 or 2 with the poster.
  13. I know your mobo screws can be too tight..and i know mine aren't that tight but could that be the problem?
  14. Make sure thermal paste does NOT hit motherboard... I hear that would be bad... Very bad...
  15. nah, i did really good with it before, perfect spread.
  16. no luck, changed out all parts, tried every ram chip, reset cmos. out of ideas. thought fixing the lcd poster would give me a better idea but idk. gonna go search internet for possible solution thx for replying guys
  17. was at store and seen they had batteries. just thought i would give it a try maybe mark out a reason. didn't change anything oh well
  18. thinking about ordering something from newegg to check problem, what should I get. Ram or a PSU? or something else, moneys tight so i can get one thing
  19. You cant cannibalize an old PC?
  20. well I don't have any old PC to cannibalize and all of my friends have crappy comps. either way if you have a suggestion of which one I should get my hands on, which one and what one would you recommend.
  21. hmm just gutted out the comp and run it on a box (safe) did the same thing it was doing, got to start and it lights up for a second and then does nothing, and the LCD poster constantly says "cpu init". now that i know this isn't the normal cold boot issue my RMA that will take 4 weeks might work when it gets here.
  22. Hope that solves your problem. Good Luck!
  23. just a quick question did you happen to check the venderlist of qualified ram?

    this page might help ya too
  24. nah didn't work, but I was thinking about ordering some dominator ram, even if it isn't the problem i will have better ram for my rig

    thank you for that guide crystal i hadn't found that one yet.
  25. Sounds like the motherboard died. you should just go with the rma and see if the replacement works. i kknow asus has some sort of advance replacement service for these high end premium boards where you can get a replacment within a day or two. Check out the link below for more information:
  26. Try this and I've seen no one suggest this, but reset your bios, Asus motherboards sometimes needs the bios reset so it can boot up. In other words set to default by doing the bios reset procedure in the manual, and just maybe it might solve your problem. Resetting means pulling the battery for the bios and reseatting it so the cmos can totally clear and go back to default.
  27. nah I know the problem. compatibility i guess. friend let me hook his 500w psu up to my mobo thats out of case with nothing on it but cpu and it light up and the one fan i had in it spined, and when i hooked my psu up to his PoS it worked.

    so my psu works just not anymore with my mobo, just happy to know the issue gonna get another psu or send back my old one idk. thank you guys for all your help and suggestions
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