7750 KUMA Temp. Help!

I'm getting weird temp readings. I know a few people who've used the stock cooling components with the 7750 and have had temps of 35-40 idle 50-55C full load.

When I ran Asus PC Probe II it told me my CPU was at 62C idle. I sat there for asecond wondering "WTF?!" My PC has good airflow, Case temp of 35-40C.

I started looking for ways to try and reduce my temperature. But for some reason I cant reduce voltage with my mobo. So I downloaded AMD's Overdrive to try and reduce the voltage to 1.3 there. Then I noticed that Overdrive said my core temps were only 44-45C. I checked HWmonitor and the core temps there were 44-45C as well. But PC Probe II and Speedfan said my CPU temp was 63C.

I mean I'm still learning but if both core temps are 44-45C shouldn't the CPU temp be 44-45C? Either I'm not getting something, the temp readings are off, or my temp gauge is bad. I don't know what going on but to be safe I bought some more AS5 and I'm going to re-apply grease and add 2 more case fans.

Oh here's a link to a screenshot of the Overdrive,HWMonitor,Speedfan,CPU-Z, and PC Probe II readings:

Edit: 2 minutes after posting my PC Probe II readings suddenly jumped to 66C then fell back to 62C(which is what it's been saying since I installed it.)
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  1. put your finger on the HSF. if it's hot like "ouch goddamn" then it's more than 60*.
    if its not that hot then it's somewhere near 40-50*
  2. Yeah the temp readings on that thing are a little screwy. When I built my cousins computer it was giving me temps under load of like 55 for the CPU but 46 for the core. When I overclocked it to 3GHz (with the stock heatsink) it was like 60C for the CPU, but 49-51C for each core. Yeah it kinda doesn't make sense. Anyway try using everest. You will get a reading for each core diode as well as the one that's suppose to measure the CPU in general. If your MB has a redundant diode then you'll get a reading from that as well. If everst says that your CPU is 62C at idle then perhaps you didn't put your heatsink on right. As t85us said, if you touch it and it's hot then that's a good indication, just make sure not to static shock the thing :D. If you need to reseat the heatsink then make sure to use some good thermal paste like Arctic thermal silver 5. If you are overclocking it at all the stock heatsink kinda sucks for that CPU so you should look into getting a good after market cooler.
  3. You can also lower your north bridge speed and your north bridge voltage. It helps. Just make sure you don't have your Hyper Transport Speed set higher than your NB speed or it won't boot.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys.
    I read on the Everest website that installing PC Probe II messed with some of the readings for some people. When I ran it- it gave me the same readings as PC ProbeII.

    I'm fairly sure i seated the HSF in correctly. but just incase I ordered some more AS5 so I can re-apply and re-seat. And I don't plan on OCing this CPU any time soon.

    link to Everest and Core Temp running on my pc.

    Edit1: I found out an Ativa Wireless Network Adapter was placing my computer under 50-60% load. After dealing with that and letting it idle for a night my temps are down to: Core Temps- 38/38C and CPU 55C.

    I still think it's a bit high for a very low load temp. But it's better than it was before. And hopefully Newegg hurries with myAS5 so I can re-apply and re-seat.

    Random thought. How do you guys apply your thermal grease? I've always done the glop and spread/card technique.
    I do know of the glop in the middle and line technique. I was just curious as to how everyone else did it because I've heard the same about all of them, "This one works the best!".

    Soooo which one do you use and why?
  5. if your mobo is Asus it may be over volting the Vcore, if you are getting voltages around 1.3-1.4 rather than 1.0-1.3 you may need to flash your bios to the latest version, that fixed the issue with my M3A76-cm over volting the core and reduced my idle temps from 40-45 to less than 35.
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