When is data recovery really impossible?

I've got a hard disk which is broken and which I have brought to a technician who then sent it to a lab. according to them the data is irrecoverable, they haven't given me the technical explanation yet.

I would like to know if any of you have any idea how possible it is that the data is really irrecoverable, no matter how much money I throw at it. As far as I know, there hasn't been any physical damage (like falling, burning, flooding...)

I know it's a bit of a general question and that it's not possible to give an exact answer but I'd like to know if this is something that happens a lot or if it is something that rarely occurs.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. If it was sent to a lab, any reputable lab would give a written report (and charge for it).
    If the drive hasn't sustained any physical damage, allmost any data can be recovered, it's just a question of cost and access to the right equipment.
  2. If you really need that files, you can send it to Disc Savers in the USA, and they can get the files, but they're very expensive. About $3,000! Below is the link to their website
  3. The "lab" your tech guys sent it to sounds of very limited expertise. BUT, as others have said, the firms that really can recover data from damaged drives can be VERY expensive because it takes lots of expertise, time, and equipment to do it.

    You are right - without a report on WHY the data are "unrecoverable" you can't know chances of success. IF the entire drive had been re-written (for example, a zero-fill operation), chances of recovery are VERY poor and maybe impossible, although there MIGHT be some very expensive places capable. If the problem is damaged hardware like heads, head positioners, or disk surface damage, at least part of the data might be recovered, but it still could be very expensive if fixing it requires complete disassembly, replacement of parts and reassembly. If the problem is simply bad or missing data in the areas used to track and control allocation of sectors to files, software tools and a lot of time and patience can recover quite a bit. You do need a thorough explanation of what is wrong from a competent pro.
  4. Hey, eowiel, I'm gonna post a link for you. I'm using this software right now, and it seems to be working, which is a huge relief for me. My hard drive doesn't even really get acknowledged on the drive listing page in my computer. It registers it as F: but it doesn't show that it has any bites. I'm using easeus, and it is getting my stuff off the damaged drive. Maybe you'll have the same luck.
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