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My computer is a dell E520 2.8ghz pemtium-D, 4gigs ram, 512 video card. When I try to play games on it, games that I have a the specs beat on by a mile, it still runs very slow and choppy. I have to turn down my settings on everything to its absolute minimum setting and it still is almost unplayable. I did do a reinstall back in February of XP, but I downloaded all of the drivers for the chipsets and things off of the dell site using my service tag linked to my computer. My video card is a GeForce 7300 LE.

Having said all of that, I was wondering if I can increase the speed of my computer any without going and buying a whole new one. If i get a different video card would that help? I already have 4gigs of ram, but do I need more? My 3d mark score on this computer is less than 3,000, and my laptop can get that score at half the resources.

Thanks for your help and time,
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  1. That card is not very capable for most modern games, not sure what you are trying to run.

    I looked up the specs on a dell e520, it has a PCIex16 slot. You can a different card for pretty cheap that will crush the 7300le. Check out the Charts section and research a card or two that fits your budget. Check the forums if you have questions about some of the cards.
  2. The card is probably a problem. So is the processor. A Pentium D is ancient now-a-days.
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