EVGA 9800GTX - Display issues

I'm running into some display issues, hoping someone has had a similar problem. First here's my setup (nothing has been overclocked):

mobo: ASUS Rampage Formula
memory: 2x2GB Corsair Dominator DDR2-1066
Vid: EVGA 9800GTX Superclocked Ed.
CPU: Intel Q9550
HD: 2xVelociraptor (150GB each) in RAID0 for running programs, 1xVelociraptor (74GB) for OS, 1 Seagate 1TB for storage
Case: Antec 1200
PSU: Antec Signature 850W
OS: Vista 64-bit SP1

The problem: I was playing Fallout 3, saved my game, and the image looked weird on the saved game panel (jagged lines across the preview pic). I tried loading the game and the display was f'ed up as in the panel. Tried restarting the game, then OS, no go. Tried watching a DVD using Media Player and KABLAM! BSOD with memory dump. I did see an error message about the video drivers going ballistic. Restart was slow and painful and sometimes the display wouldn't even work.

I thought this might be a virus or something, so I wiped everything and reinstalled Vista and my mobo and display drivers and immediately purchased Norton antivirus. Then last night, I'm watching a DVD. The DVD skips and everything goes to hell. When I restart, the Intel Matrix Utility that loads just after POST displays some letters with a strange color (orange as opposed to the regular white). Windows begins to load and then my display cuts out (monitor seems to think there's nothing to display).

FYI, Vista loads in safe mode with no display issues, and none of my temperature monitors suggest that anything is overheating. My guess is this has something to do with the video card drivers, but if anyone else has some ideas as to why this is happening or what would cause it, I'm all ears.
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  1. geforce 9 series drivers are bad.
    norton antrivirus is bad.

    what did the bsod say? it has a main wrql or whatever statement when you get a bsod.
  2. Thanks for that insightful comment.
  3. i try lol, i edit a lot, adhd+4 second attention span= bad
    im good at math.

    try reseeding your card. maybe blow out the pcie slot.

    you probably hear this every day, reinstall your drivers.
  4. try earlier drivers unless you keep using the cd that game with the video card, then download some new ones.
  5. No worries. I regret to report that I did not write down the error message in the BSOD before I wiped everything, and since my computer is no longer displaying anything on a regular boot (lots of disk thrashing though), I can't tell whether or not I'm getting the BSOD again.
  6. The new drivers are complete garbage. I also own a 9800GTX+ and I had too many problems to list. I got tired of effin with it so I reverted back to an older release. Currently I have no problems. Search for older , non-beta drivers and stick with the one that works for you for now.
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