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Hello All,

Ok here is the problem i need some light on.
I need to build a rendering farm specifically for 3d rendering where video card is not important. Just the mother board the processor and the ram.

I know for a fact that quad core may it be any is alot faster for 3de rendering. What i want to do is to put two quad core processors on a single motherboard. Please suggest both for i7 and phenom

Thanx alot for suggestions in advance.

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  1. You won't be able to do either currently. Apple are looking to be the first to market a dual socket i7 machine, but I don't think it's currently available.
  2. Check out a pair of these ...

    Phenom 9600 / Asus M3A78-CM combo: $155

    A '2P' or workstation motherboard itself with 2 'sockets' will cost as much - not including the Opty 2XXX CPUs.

    Google 'Backburner Tutorial'

    With these 2 you only have 9,997 more nodes available :D

    I found a link for you - - - - >>>
  3. Hi Murtaza

    before you build your own render farm, which cost a lot of money and your time I suggest you to try free rendering services for 3d max studio here (catalog) or real free working service
  4. I could spend a day writing a reply to this one but I only have 2 minutes, so:

    I build my render farm out of i7 Ivy Bridge processors. They are 1U rack mountable, have 32 GB of RAM and I put in no less than a 120 GB SSD. The build is VERY successful and gives me the best "bang for buck", which is something I research at least every year. Each of my machines is about half the speed of a XEON dual CPU build but less than one third the price and easier to upgrade and work on with future needs. They also run cool, quite and headache free.

    I am an authority on this subject and have built more render machines than I can remember so would love to write more but have to run. Maybe if you have some more specific questions I can answer them on my return.
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