Can i get to 1066?

I am running a Phenom 2x4 955 BE on an asus m4a78-plus and windows 7x64 home premium

i am trying to OC my memory to 1066 but i swear i remember reading somewhere that with my amd cpu that I cannot get to 1066 in dual channel mode. if anybody has an answer I would greatly appreciate it
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  1. I think you can get two 1066MHz, however, you can only use one DIMM per channel - i.e., two sticks of RAM, and one in each channel. It would most likely not work with four sticks. Just to note though, the difference between 800MHz and 1066MHz is not noticeable with regards to RAM, only in benchmarks
  2. Hi.

    What RAM do u have?
  3. ^Forget the OC with that RAM, the current CL is the same that u need for 1066MHz.

    Now, the performance difference between 800MHz and 1066MHz is 1% or less so don't have sense take the risk of OC ur RAM since the performance that u win isn't enough.
  4. Mianly at this point its simply a question of "can I", my 955 is currently running at just 3.2, but I do have plans for overclocking it in the near future
  5. ^Yeah u can. Can we be sure that the OC will be stable? Not really, but in my little experience i think that no but the only way to know for sure is that u try to do it.
  6. 2 sticks can do 1066 with bumped voltage (if the memory is rated for it, use manufacturers voltage recommends) but 4 sticks are limited to 800mhz on am2+.
  7. Quote:
    Lmeow already clarified that.

    And the memory in question is NOT rated for 1066.

    And I clarified it further, as he wasn't very specific or clear about it.
  8. thank you guys for the help, the clarification I needed was that I couldn't run all 4 dimms at 1066 and my RAM wont work so well with it either. I've been debating upgrading from my am2+ ddr2 Mobo to a AM3 ddr3 board and handing mine down to my Girlfriend to upgrade from her pentium d.(which was going to happen one way or the other with me buying a new am2+ or am3 board and her a Ph2x3 720 BE or 940 BE as the price difference on Newegg is almost nonexistant)

    which leads me to an all new question, as the Am3 board requiers i buy new ddr3 ram (most likely A data ddr3 1600), is it really worth cost vs. performance for the 200+ I will need to spend on 8 gigs of new RAM? or would i just be better off buying a nice am2+ board and possibly cross-firing my 5770?

    the current setup meets most of my needs rather well, with the one exception being in an area with numerous other players heavilly buffed characters. Gaming is pretty much limited to RPG's and driving games, not much of a shooter fqan with the exception of sniper types
  9. To be honest, there isn't much of a performance difference between DDR2 and DDR3. 4GB should be plenty, although if you pass your AM2+ board to your girlfriend then you will need to buy new RAM regardless right? Besides, DDR2 is slowly increasing in price while DDR3 is coming down.
  10. Quote:
    although if you pass your AM2+ board to your girlfriend then you will need to buy new RAM regardless right?

    no, she will be keeping her 4 gigs of ddr2 800

    if I go with an AM3 board i will be trying to sell the 8 gigs i have now to upgrade, otherwise i will be using the same memory I have now
  11. 1066Mhz is only achievable with 4Gb's or less on AMD systems, anything over 4Gb's will auto default to 800Mhz. The AMD mem controller cannot handle such speeds when all banks are occupied.
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