I am not able to install a portable hard drive

I purchased a new Verbatin Acclaim 320 GB portable hard drive.I am running Window XP. When I connect USB cable to my computer ( I have tried 3 in front and 3 in back different ports) a new icon does not appear.in My computer I don't see the removable devise listed.
I tried another computer ( also Window XP ) and it was working. What am I doing wrong?
Thank you for any advise.
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  1. Have you checked in device manager to see if it shows up in there?
    Is there anything on the drive?
    What version of xp are you using? SP1,2 or 3?
    Have you checked for updates for your motherboard drivers?
  2. Do other USB devices work fine, keyboard, mouse, flash drives? If this is a usb powered enclosure, see if it will work with external power to it (that may not have been included in your purchase though). Another thing to try, some places have dual-ended usb cables to draw more power to the device, try that. Your computer may not be sending enough power to the usb ports to power the hard drive.

    Try to listen closely to the drive, see if it's making faint clicks when plugged in, that is one of the signs of not enough power.
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