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Hello guys,

I'd like to update my BIOS, I have a P5Q-E Motherboard. If I go to the Asus website I see 5 updates that I can install.

P5Q-E BIOS 1406
Enhance CPU compatibility with certain Yorkfield C1 stepping CPUs.

P5Q-E BIOS 1703
1. Fix chassis fan mode can't be saved after resume from S3.
2. Fix display priority is not correct when plugs two PCIE VGA cards.
3. Enhance the compatibility with certain memory.

P5Q-E BIOS 1901
Fix the compatible problem with Promise SuperTrak EX8350 RAID card.

P5Q-E BIOS 2001
Fix system may get unstable under the "power saving mode" of EPU. It only happens to certain CPUs.

P5Q-E BIOS 2101
Update ExpressGate to V1.4.6.2

My question is: Do I have to install all of them one by one or does the newest version (2101) includes all the previous updates?

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  1. Latest BIOS includes all previous, install latest only.
  2. Thanks a lot, I download P5Q-E BIOS 2101 (P5Q-E-ASUS-2101.ROM) and I'd like to update / flash it right now. However I have no clue how to use a .ROM file. I remember with my old computer that I just used an executable file to get the job done. I guess I have to load the .ROM file with DOS commands. I'd like to get some advice if possible.

  3. Instructions in MB manual.
  4. Cool, I updated it by using Windows and the Asus Update tool.

    Thanks :)
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