9800GX2 or GT 280

Hi there,

I have just had my XFX 9800GX2 RMA'd and have been informed I could be in for about a month long wait from the supplier while they wait for it to come back into stock.

To keep me happy they have offered me an 'upgrade' to a XFX GT 280 for an extra $100. I have had a look at the benchmarks and am not entirely sold on paying extra for a card that performs about the same as a 9800GX2.

I really don't want to wait a month for another GX2 so do you think it is worth paying the extra for the GT 280 - I guess its a newer card so it might be a bit more future proof, plus I hear it runs a lot better in SLI than the GX2 (Just incase I throw another card in my rig later on)

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  1. Are you really want an answer?
    GTX 280 or even better GTX 285.
  2. Agreed, less microstuttering and even though the aVG frames might be less the smoothness makes up for it
  3. The GTX280 is about even overall with the wins and losses, but really they want $100 extra for it? That's pretty excessive because it's not even arguably a boost.

    I'd say overal you've got the GX2 running about 55% wins vs 45% depending on the situation. As you run out of memory at the very high end is where it matters most.

    I'd try and get them to give you the GTX280 as a stright exchange, because $100 more of a card it is not, now the GTX285 might be worth it for the power consumption and heat benefits over the current model, but not an older GTX280.

    Of course it would suck waiting a month, but check what their replacement poilicy gives you options for, maybe you can convince them to give you the GTX280 straight up. I'd prefer the GTX280 and lean towards it for a new purchase but $100 is hard to swallow.

    Send them a ton of reviews if you have to.
  4. I agree with TGGA. Bomb em with reviews. Its an even up trade, and should be treated as such, since both are pretty much eol, and why you have to wait anyways.
    I say even up trade, so let them know it.
  5. also agree, complain to them and tell them to send u a gtx280 in exchange or they have to send a 9800gx2 within a wk. 100$ extra not worth it they should just give you the gtx280.
  6. I just want to add that I didn't see the 100$ extra:)
  7. Cheers guys,

    I have been back in touch with shop now and have told them I want a replacement now or the upgrade to the GTX 280 for free. I am now waiting to hear back from the 'manager'. I'll have to see which way this sways.
  8. Just keep reminding them, that the cards are the same in performance
  9. The GTX280 is better than the GX2, and GTX280 SLi have far fewer problems than a GX2 quad sli. The GX2 has a lot of problems with AA as well.

    However, it is not worth the $100 extra, especially since a cheaper version of the GTX280 - the GTX285, just came out.
  10. mmm, the 9800GX2 technically outperforms the 280, but has microstuttering issues etc...

    imo with the 182 and 185 beta drivers, the 9800GX2 is a better card. certainly not worth $100 more for a GTX 280.
  11. the new drivers do nothing to the 9800 GX2, considering that the GX2 is no longer supported technically:) The card was being phased out by Nvidia since Sept.

    Even though the card is listed as supported it doesn't mean that any direct driver improvements have been made to the card.

    Also AA is limited and so is the higher res:)
  12. I am still waiting to here back from the manager, but it is looking like I will really try and push to get the GTX 280.

    I will see what he says I might even offer a little cash difference if it is needed, just not near $100 as this seems a bit overkill
  13. GTX 280 (GTx 285 if you have the cash)
  14. Hey everyone thanks for all the comments. Just thought I would let everyone know after a lot of communicating back and forth with the manager we finally came to a resolution. They have decided to provide me with a XFX GTX 285 Ultra for an upgrade cost of $50.

    This ended up being the only card they could provide to me without having to order from the supplier. The card is now on its way to me so hopefully I will have it after the weekend :D
  15. That's pretty good, and hey gives you the benefit of the 285, and only a teeny tiny upgrade.

    Now go spend that saved $50 on BEER !! [:thegreatgrapeape:3]

    Note: St00pid forum button change, I accidentally hit edit on your post instead of reply.
    Fixed it, but that's why you see that below your message. :??:
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