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So i wanted to overclock my gpu a little, so i got atitool beta for vista 32bit. When i went to see how hot my gpu got at stock speeds i ran the 3d view fuzzy cube thing, I herd a humming/whining noice. So i instantly turned it off and it stopped. So i ran it again, but my ear against the back of my case, and it was the gpu making odd noises, what is the problem? Once again i havent overclocked it yet. I have a Evga GTX 260 Core 216
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  1. Could be your mobo and or psu. May be underpowered. Try to locate exactly where the sonds coming from. Sometimes your caps or somethings will emit a high pitched sound, usually means its underpowered or going out
  2. so it will mostly be a power issue? nothing serious?
  3. Usually from what Ive seen. What psu are you using?
  4. corsair 750w, its a great psu. I just ran furmark for 10 minutes, no weird noises, must be cuz its a unstable version of atitool :\. Its ok anyways cuz furmark is a lot better anyway :D
  5. Well, always keep tabs on your temps and power if you can, see if theres any rises in temps, and any dips in power while running challenging things. But, if it doesnt come back, may be all good. Hope it is
  6. Strangely related, I think I am getting that same noise too. I sent my MOBO in for new BIOS chips. When I got it back all of a sudden I get a noise that sounds like a whining/squeaky fan. My GPU fans don't ramp up though since they are on manual control.

    It only happens with my GPUs start a 3D application. It never did that before I sent my MOBO in. I just turn the sound makes it go away :na:

    Temps are fine, no crashing, no artifacts...I am compelled to figure out where it is coming from though now. The only thing that changed on my mobo were the BIOS chips. Makes no sense.
  7. Well that sucks, your in a worse case than me :\. Seemed only when i ran atitool that it would do it, if you have a EVGA card send it to them and get a new one :O
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