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Hopefully some kind soul will take pity on me and help me gain some insight on my situation... I recently bought a Samsung 2343BWX LCD monitor to replace a Sony E540 21" CRT monitor that quit a couple of weeks ago. The Samsung monitor is a 23" LCD with a native resolution of 2048 x 1152. My current video card is an MSI NX6600GT TD128E PCI-E card *yeah, I know its "old") that has one DVI and one VGA connector. The video card is capable of a max resolution of 2048 x 1536. I am able to get the 2048 x 1152 resolution when attaching the monitor to the video card's VGA connector. However, when I attach the DVI connector, the best resolution Windows XP, SP3 offers in the Display Properties, Settings tab is 1680 x 1050. I've been told by MSI tech support, that "...the DVI-D 1.0 port support maximum resolution is 1920*1080/60HZ or 1600*1200/60HZ...". I take their reply to mean that DVI-D 1.0 port support is a standard, and applies to all video cards that implemented that standard. So, while I can't get the full 2048 x 1152 resolution through the DVI port, I should be able to get 1920 x 1080. So here are my questions:

1. Is the DVI 1.0 port standard still the standard on the most recent cards, or do more recent cards now support a higher DVI port standard that would provide the 2048 x 1152 support via the DVI port?
2. Is the fact that Windows XP doesn't offer a 1920 x 1080, or resolution higher than 1650 x 1080 a limitation of the support provided by the Samsung monitor through it's DVI connection or is the video card making this limitation in some manner? Remember, I can get the 2048 x 1152 resolution through the VGA port.
3. Depending on the answers to the q's above, is there anything I can do to get Windows to offer and support the 1920 x 1080 resolution? I'm using the vendor supplied monitor driver file (.icm) for the monitor.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Update: Through the use of software supplied with the video card (NVIDIA Control Panel), and some experimentation, it appears that the answers to question 2 and 3 are that the monitor cannot correctly display the 1920 x 1080 resolution. It does not appear to be a problem with the video card. I believe Windows doesn't offer resolutions higher than 1680 x 1050 because the monitor's plug n play feature doesn't publish (?) anything above that as a supported resolution when using the DVI port (can't display it properly on the 16:9 ratio monitor). So, while I was able to get Windows to list the 1920 x 1080 resolution in the Display, Settings tab by using the NVIDIA Control Panel to force the listing, the monitor really can't display it properly.

Can anyone comment on question 1?

Update 2: I know this is really a very late update, but thought I'd finish this off. Might be useful to someone. I never did figure out what the real problem or problems were. I eventually gave up and returned the monitor to Costco. Bought an ASUS VH242H from newegg and it worked perfectly at its native resolution of 1920 x 1080 via the DVI port on the MSI NX6600GT video card. Go figure...
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  1. I can't help with all your questions, but I very recently built a new pc and I also bought the Samsung 2343BWX. What I can tell you is that running WinXP Pro w/SP 3 on a brand new EVGA Geforce GTX 260 (http://www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx?item=N82E16814130434) does support the native resolution through the DVI port. I can't tell you whether this card has adopted a newer DVI port standard or any of your other questions, but my guess would be one of two things...

    a.) either like you suspect, this newer card supports a newer DVI standard or
    b.) maybe this has something to do with "HDCP"? and your MSI vid card doesn't support that maybe?

    yeah, I really don't know, but I don't think this is a problem with winXP or your monitor, seems to me that it's a limitation of your graphics card or drivers.

    Hope that helps.

  2. maybe also make sure that you have the most up to date drivers for monitor and video card. i have a driver installed for this specific monitor so it is recognized as it should be (16:9 aspect ratio and 2048x1152 resolution). yeah, I really think this has to be your card or your drivers.

  3. For info:
    Check that your cable and/or card's DVI port are 'dual link'. You will be able to see by looking the number of pins in both the cable connector and your video card socket as per the diagrams in that link above. If either one is only single link then replace that part to get your full res. This may unfortunately mean a new gfx card!
    If both card and cable are dual link it might be your drivers as other have suggested.
  4. I know this is old news, but since I found it, maybe somebody else will find this post helpful (btw the last post is really good.. I learned a lot from that link but it isn't the issue).

    The 2343BWX monitor is DVI-D (dual-link) so is the Nvidia GeGorce 6600 (dual-link and supports the 2560 x 1600 at 60 Hz according to Nvidia website) so that is not the issue.

    I had the same issue, same setup, (windows XP, same Samsung 2343BWX LCD monitor same GeForce 6600 video card) with updated video card and monitor drivers. However, I can get 1920 x 1080, it just looks like crap...probably comparable to a CRT.

    I was able to get 2048 x 1152 using the nvidia control panel > Display menu > Change resolution and choosing 2048 x 1152 from the PC menu (as opposed to the HD, SD menu) but it didn't fit on the screen... mousing around the edges shifted the image so you could see it... annoying.

    I cannot get the native 2048 x 1152 resolution properly via DVI cable. I cannot speak for VGA since some ppl were able to get it with VGA.. I was not, but didn't monkey too long since my new video card arrives next week. I tried DVI to VGA and VGA to VGA... I got a check cable error both times (never restarted computer).

    I read that this worked for someone [but for a different resolution (1600x1200)]:

    Go to: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=8973

    search for: "NVIDIA driver update for NVIDIA GeForce 6600" or something similar and change the driver or Window Display Driver Model (WDDM), but i get a "The specified location does not contain information about your hardware." message.

    I gave up... but give it a try.

    According to these vista release notes, 2048 x 1152 isn't supported, but other bigger ones for 30" monitors are. http://www.nvidia.com/docs/IO/59825/178.13_WinVista_GeForce_Release_Notes.pdf 1920 x 1080 isn't either.. maybe thats why it looks like crap.
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