Looking for a solid mid/high range GPU to OC

I am looking for a reasonably cheap GPU to overclock or combine for Crossfire.

Looking to sqeueeze as much out with minimal spend.


looking from the 5 series or the 4670 series.
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  1. About 150 Dollars tops, cheaper the better, thats around £70-90 pounds.
  2. If your going with ATI, may i recommend the 5770? I have 1 and it works PERFICTLY!!!
  3. Ati or nvidia?
  4. Interesting, what should I look for in graphics cards?

    Apart fromt he GPU CLock/Memory CLock, I heared about pixel pipelines etc. I think I will be heading for the 5770, what do you think, is that a good card?
  5. yip
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