Win7 wont recognize my 1.5TB drive

I have a Disk Armory external enclosure that i've had a OLD Hitachi 250GB drive. I upgraded to a 1.5TB WD Green drive but my system wont recognize it. It gives the sound that something is plugged in and said it installed drivers but I cant find it under my computer.
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    Windows won't recognize the drive until it's formatted.

    Check this post for some instructions:

    But here they are streamlined:

    Go into Disk Management and format the drive: Start/Computer/right-click/Manage/choose Disk Management on the left pane/right click the second drive you added/choose "New Simple Volume"/then format
  2. I realized this like 20 minutes after I posted this. I'm use to installing an OS on a drive once i get it. Silly mistake on my part, thanks everyone.
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