Radeon HD 4870 Startup issue

I'm hoping someone can help me out with this because neither me or my friend can figure it out. I just built a new gaming PC and i'm using a Radeon HD 4870 (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102810). The problem first occured after installing the drivers and catalyst software for the card, I shut down the computer and it appeared to freeze during shutdown so I manually turned it off. When I powered on again I got the 3 red lights on the card and I got no display on screen. After playing with it trying to find out why for hours I gave up. When I got home again today I turned it on and it worked. No idea why. However after an hour or so of installing crap and updating windows, when it began installation of Vista Service Pack 1, my system froze so I manually powered down again. Upon powering on again I had the 3 red lights again and am not getting any display. Can someone please help me with this. I'm not an expert at this, my friend has been helping me out but neither of us seem to be able to find the problem. From what i've read the 3 lights have something to do with a power problem but everything else seems to be running fine. Here's my specs.

Mobo: MXI X58 Platinum
CPU: Core i7 2.66ghz
RAM: Crucial 3gb DDR3
Power Supply: OCZ Stealth Stream 600w
Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate
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  1. You have both 6 pin power cords plugged on the card right? (sorry for the dump question, it's happened)

    I'd open the CCC and watch the temps as you are doing stuff. Just see if it is overheating somehow.
  2. the computer won't even start. Everything looks like its running but i'm not getting any display and i've got the red lights. I tried using my friend's GPU and his PSU. When using his PSU with my build i still got the red lights. When i swapped in his GPU as well as using his PSU his card had the red lights. He is also using a sapphire HD 4870. Is it more than likely the mobo? Is there a chance the processor could be causing it?
  3. I have the same problem.
    does anybody know how to solve it?

    (sorry for probably English mistakes)
  4. I'm sending my mobo back at this point. It seems like it's not posting so i'm not getting any display.
  5. Try to check your psu, more specificly all the 5volts. I got the same problem, with 2 ocz stealth 600w and i don't know if it's the mobo or the graphic card, but both power supply burned.
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